• Longines Jumping International de La Baule
From 16th to 19th May 2013



Furusiyya Fei Nations Cuptum Presented by LONGINES

Last year, the Dutch team had to settle the 2nd place after the jump-off against Belgium. This year, the Dutch climbed onto the highest step of the podium of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines. A victory achieved thanks to the experienced rider Albert Voorn (56 years old) and two talented boys : Hendrik-Jan, 23, and Frank Schuttert, 19.

The Dutch open this Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM presented by Longines. Albert and Tobalio performed very well with 1 time fault. Léon Thijsen and Tyson finished their first round with 1 fault and 5 faults in the second.

The Shuttert brothers are just beginning at this level. Hendrik-Jan and Cerona H S missed their first round
with 9 faults, and Frank and Winchester does a 5 fault round. In the second round, the two Dutch hopes set
it straight, with 2 clear rounds and a victory for their team.

Coming to earn qualifying points for the final, Switzerland came with a experienced team and had hopes of winning the first round, thanks to clear rounds of Janika Sprunger and Palloubet d’Halong and Pius Schwizer and Powerplay and the Olympic champion Steve Guerdat finishing with 1 time fault with Nasa.

But in the second round, Paul Estermann and Castlefield Eclipse added 5 faults, like Steve Guerdat and Nasa. Janika Sprunger and Palloubet d’Halong were clear and Pius Schwizer and Powerplay miss their second round with 9 faults. Switzerland takes 2nd place. On the 3rd step of the podium, 3 teams that came to earn points : France, Great Britain and Ireland.

On the French side, Pénélope Leprevost and Topinambour took 1 time fault in the first round and one mistake in the second. Marc Dilasser and Obiwan de Pilière*JO started with 2 mistakes and cleared the second round. Kevin Staut and Estoy Aqui de la Muze*HDC added 4 faults to the total.

For Great Britain, Nick Skelton and Big Star cleared both times. Ben Maher and Cella took 4 faults and finished with a clear round. Scoot Brash and Hello Sanctos finished at 4 and 8 faults, and Robert Smith and Voilà IV, 5 faults in each round.

The Irish team started with clears from Shane Sweetnam and Amaretto Darco and from Shane Breen and
Balloon. But finished with 8 and 4 faults in the second round. Shane Carey and Ballymore Eustace took two mistakes and then only 1 time fault. Billy Twomey and Tinka’s Sérénade went through their first round with 9 faults, and cleared the second round.

They said…

Albert Voorn (NED): "Winning at La Baule is a incredible feeling ! I train in France five months per year, so it has become my second home. Thank you to the audience for making me feel at home ! "

Hendrik-Jan Schuttert (NED): " It’s our first Nations Cup together (with his brother Frank, NDLR). It’s incredible to start here in La Baule and win! "

Frank Schuttert (NED): "I was much more aggressive in the second round and my horse was far more better "

Rob Ehrens (chef de piste of the Netherlands): " " To bad the points don’t count ! But it’s good, I was able to put young riders in the team. With our victory France earns less points which is better for us for the final ! "

Marc Dilasser (FRA): " After the first round, I tried to analyse what had happened. I think that I began with the wrong rhythm and my horse wasn’t there. I then I said to myself "If you want to be competing in other
Nations Cup, you better clear this round" I’m originally from Brittany and competing in this Cup when as a
kid I used to watched it from the grandstand, it’s something very strong! "

Philippe Guerdat (chef d’équipe of France): " We were a bit disappointed at first. We could’ve been 2nd. Nonetheless, we started better than last year (France settled in 8th place, NDLR) and we’re in a great state of mind. I’d like us to move forward together. I love working with this team ! "


Philippe Guerdat, team spirit

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The chef d’équipe of the French, Philippe Guerdat, has chosen :
Kevin Staut, Pénélope Leprevost, Olivier Guillon, Marc Dilasser and Aymeric de Ponnat will be representing France in the first leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM held this Friday at the stadium

"Selecting the team is always something quite complicated. There are some imperatives. It’s the beginning of the season and some horses aren’t ready yet, like Orient-Express*HDC, or just came back
from covering, like Mylord Carthago*HN. And we must anticipate next week’s leg in Rome. We must work things out", says Philippe Guerdat.

This man of experience talks about the new season. "We must plan each event, one after the other. The objective is to qualify for the final in Barcelona end of September." And a bronze medal to defend
at the European championships in August at Herning (Denmark)… To meet these objectives, Philippe can count on the top riders of the French team, "but I want the majority of the riders to be given a
chance. We always need leaders but also team spirit.

The point is for everyone to be part of the leaders" he says smiling. This real horseman sees himself as a coach. "Of course, I’m a technician and I can provide solutions if necessary, but these riders are experts. So, instead of training, I prefer to develop real team spirit. They must learn how to deal with ups and downs, deal with failure and specially not be left alone. I can sometimes say I’m disappointed about a horse but never about a rider. I’ll always be there to protect them."

Schedule for tomorrow

Riders of the CSIO 5* will start from 9;00 am with a Warm up so the horses get used to the arena.
Concerning the amateurs, they will start the CSI 1* at 11.20 am. Entries, start lists, results on: www.labaule-cheval.com

CSIO 5* Entries

CSIO 5* of La Baule: list of the entries*

The CSIO 5* of France of La Baule will welcome 64 riders and 177 horses, coming from 19 nations, in nine 5 star events of the Longines Jumping International of La Baule’s program 2013.

FEI Nations CupTM presented by Longines: Friday, May 17th 2.05pm

GERMANY / Chef d’equipe : Heiner Hengemann
- Katrin ECKERMANN, entered with 3 horses: Carlson, Firth of Lorne, Nabab de Revel
- Lars NIEBERG, entered with 3 horses: Leonie W, Pepe Heguy, Casallora
- Patrick STUHLMEYER, entered with 3 horses: Lacan, Lord Lohengrin, Chasmo
- Holger WULSCHNER, entered with 4 horses: Cavity G, Cha Cha Cha G, Caprice de Dieu, Fine Lady
- Tim RIESKAMP-GOEDEKING, entered with 4 horses: Lautermann, Chopin, Corvin, Quapitola de Beaufour

BELGIUM / Chef d’equipe: Kurt Gravemeier
- Dirk DEMEERSMAN, entered with 3 horses: Bufero Vh Panishof, STP Fleuri Van De Koekelberg, Cicero Z Van Paemel
- Ludo PHILIPPAERTS, entered with 3 horses: Challenge Vd Begijnakker, Denver Van T Goemanshof, Quintender 2
- François MATHY JR, entered with 3 horses: D’Atlantique Royale, Elvis Van De Vrunte, Polinska Des Isles
- Olivier PHILIPPAERTS, entered with 3 horses: Qurint, Chamonix H, Cabrio Van De Heffinck
- Dominique HENDRICKX, entered with 3 horses: Cor van de Wateringhoeve, Elstar EC, Covia Z

SPAIN / Chef d’equipe: Marco Fuste
- Manuel FERNANDEZ SARO, entered with 3 horses: Bonaire 5, Fashion 42, Frederico van Paemel
- Pilar Lucrecia CORDON MURO, entered with 3 horses: Nuage Bleu, Coriana van Klapscheut, Dinky Toy
- Julio ARIAS CUEVA, entered with 3 horses: Quinai des Chayottes, Oeillet Louvière, Piccolo de la Roque.
- Manuel ANON SUAREZ, entered with 2 horses: Qlamp d’Ivraie, Rackel Chavannaise.
- Paola AMILIBIA PUIG, entered with 3 horses: Prunella d’Ariel, Donnatella C, Notre Star de la Nutria

GREAT BRITAIN / Chef d’equipe: Rob Hoekstra
- Nick SKELTON, entered with 3 horses: Big Star, Cassionato, Lines 41
- Scott BRASH, entered with 3 horses: Hello Sanctos, Bon Ami II, Hello Intertoy Z.
- Ben MAHER, entered with 3 horses: Cella, Triple X III, Aristo Z
- Robert SMITH, entered with 3 horses: Voila IV, Balourado, Bavi
- Tina FLETCHER, entered with 3 horses: Hello Sailor, Unique IX, Hello Annie

IRELAND / Chef d’equipe : Robert Splaine
- Michael KELLY, entered with 2 horses: Annestown, Drumiller Lough
- Billy TWOMEY, entered with 3 horses: Tinka’s Serenade, Tin Tin, J’Taime Flamenco
- Shane SWEETNAM, entered with 3 horses: Cyklon 1083, Amaretto Darco, Eregast van’t Kiezelhof
- Shane CAREY, entered with 2 horses: Spice Girl, Ballymore Eustace
- Shane BREEN, entered with 3 horses: Ominerale Courcelle, Balloon, Zarnita
PAYS-BAS / Chef d’equipe: Rob Ehrens
- Albert VOORN, entered with Tobalio
- Hendrik-Jan SCHUTTER, entered with 3 horses: Cerona HS, Una Bella HS, Up To Date HS
- Albert ZOER, entered with 3 horses: Sam, Wollie Bollie, Zerro Leone
- Frank SCHUTTERT, entered with 2 horses: Arc de Triomphe, Winchester HS
- Leon THIJSSEN, entered with 3 horses: Harthago, Tyson

SUISSE / Chef d’equipe: Urs Gruning
- Steve GUERDAT, entered with 3 horses: Nasa, Carpalo, Jalisca Solier
- Pius SCHWIZER, entered with 3 horses: Oscar du Chanu, Picsou du Chene, Powerplay
- Paul ESTERMANN, entered with 2 horses: Castlefield Eclipse, Quinara, Maloubet du Temple
- Beat MANDLI, entered with 3 horses: Louis IV, Croesus, Cool and Easy
- Janika SPRUNGEN, entered with 3 horses: Uptown Boy, Palloubet d’Halong, Aris CMS

FRANCE / Chef d’equipe: Philippe Guerdat
- Aymeric DE PONNAT, entered with 2 horses: Armitages Boy (Nations Cup), Onestar du Mesnil
- Marc DILASSER, entered with 2 horses: Obiwan de Pilière*JO (Nations Cup), Qamaieu de Montsec
- Olivier GUILLON, entered with 2 horses: Lord de Theizé (Nations Cup), Poète de Preuilly*HDC
- Pénélope LEPREVOST, entered with 3 horses: Nice Stéphanie, Dame Blanche Van Arenberg, Topinambour (Nations Cup).
- Kevin STAUT, entered with 3 horses: Estoy Aqui de Muze*HDC (Nations Cup), For Joy van’t Zorgvliet*HDC, Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC

Will compete in the 5 star classes (except Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM presented by Longines)

- Eugénie ANGOT, entered with 2 horses: Old Chape Tame, Pirate Andalou
- Roger Yves BOST, entered with 3 horses: Myrtille Paulois, Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, Vivaldo vh Costersveld
- Frédéric BUSQUET, entered with 2 horses: Plume de la Roque, U2
- Patrice DELAVEAU, entered with 3 horses: Lacrimoso 3*HDC, Orient Express*HDC, Ornella Mail*HDC
- Simon DELESTRE, entered with 3 horses: Qlassic Bois Margot, Quiness du Mezel, Valentino Velvet
- Julien EPAILLARD, entered with 3 horses: Qarat de la Loge, Mister Davier, Monalisa LS
- Marie HECART, entered with 3 horses: Lalique, Rouf Brecourt, Myself de Brève
- Michel HECART, entered with 3 horses: Nokia de Bekka, Pasha du Gué, Quatrin de la Roque
- Jérôme HUREL, entered with Premier de Falaise, Ohm de Pontual et Warrior
- Michel ROBERT, entered with 3 horses: Oh d’Eole, Catapulte, Nenuphar’Jac

- Marlon ZANOTELLI, entered with 3 horses: Ode des Roches, Madame Butterfly, Loro Piana Cartella

- Thomas COUVE CORREA, entered with 3 horses: Underwraps, Osiris d’Orion, Concret ESC

- René LOPEZ, entered with 2 horses: Polissonne des Neyes, Aero Flyer
- Daniel BLUMAN, entered with 3 horses: Sancha LS, Cantando Lingriis, Balou Lover

- Luca Maria MONETA, entered with 3 horses: Jesus de la Comune, Neptune Brecourt, Quova de Vains

- Hassan JABRI, entered with 3 horses: Evalon Lavar, Ondéo de Pilière, Why Indoctro VDL
- Abdelkebir OUADDAR, entered with 3 horses: Cordano Sitte Z, Porche du Fruitier, Quickly de Kreisker

- Santiago LAMBRE, entered with 2 horses: Wasabi, Zeus du Buisson Z

- Igor KAWIAK, entered with 2 horses: Centino du Ry, Noah de Bacon

- José Alfredo HERNANDEZ ORTEGA, entered with 3 horses: Grupo Prom Viox W, Grupo Prom Coeur Goedereede, Grupo Prom Jack

- Omer KARAEVLI, entered with 3 horses: Dadjak Ter Puttenen, Rabane de Sury, Rosso au Cronier

- Richard SPOONER, entered with 3 horses: Cristallo, Apache, Billy Bianca

Will compete in the 5 star classes (except Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM presented by Longines & Grand Prix Longines of La Baule)

- Philippe ROZIER, entered with 3 horses: Akita, Balou’s Erbe, Jadis de Toscane
- Edouard COUPERIE, entered with 2 horses : Quality, Nectar des Roches

- Courtney VINCE, entered with 3 horses: Elandor, Valetto, Luikka

D-23: The stadium François André is getting ready...

The press conference at the stadium François André Friday, April 19th at 11am revealed the main news about the Longines Jumping International of La Baule 2013. MM. Alain Bentaha (Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire), Yves Métaireau (Mayor of La Baule), Pascal Dubois (National Technical Director at the French Equestrian Federation), Rémi Cléro (President of the Jumping) and Ms Nadia Poirier (Director of the Jumping) were present.

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The highlights of the Longines Jumping International of La Baule

CSIO 5* of France (highest level of international show jumping competitions) with 9 competitions, prize of 551 000 euros, 65 riders and 180 horses coming from 19 nations.

CSI 1*: open to amateurs and experienced riders, 27 riders and 40 horses coming from 5 nations will take part in these 6 competitions prized at 34 000 euros.

Para-equestrian: 30 riders and 35 horses coming from 3 nations (France, Germany and Italy) will compete in the two para-equestrian competitions Cap Atlantique & AMP

Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup: new formula, new sponsor

La Baule will be the first of the 8 legs of Europe Division 1 (D1) of the new FEI Nations Cup series sponsored by the Saudi Equestrian Fund, Furusiyya. Even if these team events keeps its sporting identity, they open to the world divided in 6 “regions”: Europe (with Division 1 and Division 2), North America, Central America and the Caribbeans, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australasia, Africa.
France, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium are the 8 teams competing in this event. Under the new rules, France, Switzerland, Ireland and United Kingdom have chosen the leg in La Baule in order to gain points for the world Final end of september in Barcelona.

15 French riders competing

The National Technical Director, Pascal Dubois, underlines the commitment of de French Equestrian Federation in maintaining the only CSIO 5* of France in La Baule, and reminds the importance of this leg for the French riders. Pascal Dubois reveals the names of the 15 French riders competing in the CSIO 5* : Eugénie Angot (Normandie), Patrice Delaveau (Normandie), Marc Dilasser (Normandie), Julien Epaillard (Normandie), Pénélope Leprevost (Normandie), Kevin Staut (Normandie), Aymeric de Ponnat (Normandie), Olivier Guillon (Normandie), Michel Hécart (Normandie), Frédéric Busquet (Pays de la Loire), Jérôme Hurel (Ile de France), Roger-Yves Bost (Ile de France), Simon Delestre (Lorraine), Marie Hécart (Centre-Val de Loire), Michel Robert (Rhône-Alpes).

Individual competitors in the CSIO 5* of France

Except the riders entered in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines on Friday, and the 15 French riders, 14 foreigners will compete the 8 competitions of the CSIO 5* as individuals : Marlon Zanoteli (BRA), Santiago Lambre (MEX), Franco Francesco (ITA), Luca Moneta (ITA), Richard Spooner (USA), Igor Kawiak (POL), Daniel Bluman (COL), René Lopez (COL), Alfredo Hernandez (SAL), Omer Karaevli (TR), Abdelkebir Ouaddar (MA), Colonnel Jabri Hassan (MA), Thomas Couve Correa (CHI), Courtney Vince (CAN).

The Jumping expands

Two villages are born at the stadium François André. The traditional exhibitors Village will welcome 70 brands from different areas (fashion, rider and horse equipment, transport, arts, restaurants ...). On the Barrière tennis courts will be the Village “Grand Galop”, a 400m2 area for children from 4 to 12 years old.

High level available to everyone !

Faithful to the tradition and in compliance to desire of the city of La Baule, the Longines Jumping International of La Baule remains the only international equestrian event of this level to be completely free entry.

2013 sponsors

Institutional sponsors:
Fédération Equestre Internationale, Fédération Française d’Equitation, Conseil général de Loire-Atlantique, Région des Pays de la Loire, Ville de La Baule, Pôle touristique de Cap Atlantique, Office du Tourisme de La Baule, Société Hippique Française, Ministère des Sports, Ministère de l’Agriculture

Commercial sponsors:
Longines, Parfums Lolita Lempicka, Groupe Lucien Barrière, le Val d’Evre Traiteur, Mumm, EADS, Generali, Saur, Tropicana, Aéroport Nantes Atlantique, Concept Propreté, Edouard Set Traiteur, AMP-Visual TV, Groupe LCA, Hertz, Grand Galop, Laiterie de Montaigu, Cheval Shop, Soubirac, Licarzo

RMC, L’Echo de la Presqu’île Guérandaise, Ouest France, L’Eperon, Sports Equestres, www.cavadeos.com, FEI TV

Balancing the Jumping

The difficulties related to the general economic conditions did not weakened this event of La Baule. The commitment and support of the loyal sponsors, but also the new ones (Lolita Lempicka and the Laiterie de Montaigu) have made it possible to keep the prize up to 585 000 euros, to maintain the standards of performance expected by the 5 stars, and also achieve a financial equilibrium.
Yves Métaireau points out that the contribution of the city of La Baule has been conducted but not increased. The Longines Jumping International of La Baule is an opportunity to show the fondness of the residents of La Baule for this first equestrian event of the season, which stadium is famous for being part of the best infrastructures in the world for this type of event.

The region of Pays de la Loire, a policy in favour of the equine sector

The region of Pays de la Loire conducts a policy in favour of horses and all equestrian activities, allocating each year 3.5 million euros to the equine sector. The region provides support to this event making its international reputation. Alain Bentaha also underlines the economic spin-offs for the city, generated each year by the event.

Live on FEI TV

Fantastic news for Equestrian fans, FEITV.org will be broadcasting live coverage from the jewel in the FEI crown, the FurusiyyaFEI Nations Cup™. Action from the second round of the CSIO 5* level series commences in La Baule on 17 April 2013.

JPEG - 19 kb

FEITV is FEI’s official video website and a sophisticated online broadband offering to equestrian enthusiasts around the world. FEI TV presents fans globally with the most comprehensive library of official equestrian video content available anywhere on the internet and spans across multiple equestrian disciplines.

FEI TV subscribers can enjoy live broadcasts from the world’s most prestigious and iconic equestrian events including the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Jumping and Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage Series’, HSBC FEI Classics™ events, the Ecco FEI European Championships plus much more....
Click here to sign up to FEI TV today to access the all the fantastic live and on demand horsesport action.

New era for the Nation’s Cup

The prestigious FEI Nations Cup previously held in European countries, heralds a new dawn with two new sponsorships: The four-year title sponsor Saudi Equestrian Fund, Furusiyya, and Swiss watchmaker,Longines, the official timekeeper of the series for the next decade. It is an important turning-point for the long-running series which just celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2009. Traditionally European-oriented, Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ reaches out to the rest of the world. In this inaugural season, 22 events will take place during the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series before the 2 million euros Final at the end of September.

JPEG - 19.5 kb

Six regions
Under the new rules, the world has been divided into six regions from which teams will qualify for the Final. Europe has been sub-divided into two divisions, and the eight FEI Nations Cup™ Top League venues from the 2012 series - La Baule (FRA), Rome (ITA), St Gallen (SUI), Aachen (GER), Falsterbo (SWE), Rotterdam (NED), Hickstead (GBR) and Dublin (IRL) - will each host a qualifying leg for Europe Division 1.

The other regions are North & Central America & the Caribbean Islands; South America; Middle East; Asia/Australasia; and Africa.

Nations declared for the 2013 series

Europe - Division 1: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine

Europe - Division 2 : Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey

North America: Canada, Mexico, USA

South America: Brazil, Colombia

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates

Asia and Australasia: Australia, Japan, New Zealand

Africa: Egypt, South Africa

Longines presents Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ at La Baule, Friday, May 17th 2013 at 2.05pm

Longines International Jumping of La Baule is a CSIO 5*(Official International Jumping Competition, the highest level in this discipline) part of the Europe 1 Division. France, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain will be represented by 8 teams competing at La Baule 2013 Nations cup, held in two rounds with identical courses. Unlike other events, in a Nations cup, the rider does not compete only for himself but for his country. The competition does not end when he crosses the finish line but when the last member of his team finishes the course. On the 4 members of a team, only the points of the 3 best couples are taken into account.
The winning team will have the least or no penalty points after the two rounds. In case of tied entries after the second round, the jump-off settles the winner.

Useful information about the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™:

The Final :
Europe Division 1 teams will have to take part in 4 legs of the Nations Cup to qualify for the Final.

A total of 18 teams will be eligible to compete at the Final, with nine from Europe, two each from North & Central America & the Caribbean, South America, Middle East and Asia/Australasia, and one from Africa. If the host nation does not qualify for the Final, they will still be permitted to compete, bringing the number of teams to 19.
The top eight teams will go through to the final competition, while the remainder will compete in the Consolation class.

The quest for points:
The top four nations from the 2012 Top League - GER, FRA, IRL, GBR - were given first option to choose the venues at which they will aim to accumulate points, while the remaining four countries – SUI, NED, UKR, SPA - will be allocated their events by the FEI.
In the Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM 2013 series, the French team will be competing at La Baule’s CSIO 5* (May 16th-19th), in Rome in May (ITA), Aix La Chapelle in June (GER), and Hickstead in August (GBR).

The calendar for the 2013 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ season is as follows:

Al Ain (UAE) CSIO 5* - 21 February – Middle East;
Wellington (USA) CSIO 4* - 1 March - North America, Central America and Caribbean;
Lummen (BEL) CSIO 4* - 5 May – Europe Division 2;
Linz (AUT) CSIO 3* - 5 May – Europe Division 2;
Drammen (NOR) CSIO 3* - 10 May – Europe Division 2;
La Baule (FRA) CSIO 5* - 17 May – Europe Division 1;
Rome (ITA) CSIO 5* - 24 May – Europe Division 1;
Copenhagen (DEN) CSIO 4* - 24 May – Europe Division 2;
St Gallen (SUI) CSIO 5* - 31 May – Europe Division 1;
Lisbon (POR) CSIO 3* - 7 June – Europe Division 2;
Sopot (POL) CSIO 3* - 14 June – Europe Division 2;
Spruce Meadows (CAN) CSIO 5* - 14 June – North America, Central America and Caribbean;
Rotterdam (NED) CSIO 5* - 21 June – Europe Division 1;
Aachen (GER) CSIO 5* - 27 June – Europe Division 1;
Falsterbo (SWE) CSIO 5* - 12 July – Europe Division 1;
Budapest (HUN) CSIO 3* - 12 July – Europe Division 2;
Hickstead (GBR) CSIO 5* - 2 August – Europe Division 1;
Bratislava (SVK) CSIO 3* - 2 August – Europe Division 2;
Dublin (IRL) CSIO 5* - 9 August – Europe Division 1;
Gijon (ESP) CSIO 5* - 30 August – Europe Division 2;
San Marino, Arezzo (ITA) CSIO 3* - 6 September – Europe Division 2;
Kiev (UKR) CSIO 5* - 13 September – Europe Division 2;
FINAL: venue to be confirmed, 26-29 September.

Longines Jumping international of France from the 16th to 19th May 2013 - La Baule

Showjumping best riders in La Baule !

JPEG - 103.6 kb

The Longines Jumping international de La Baule (CSIO 5*) welcoming the world’s top riders and horses from the 16th to 19th of May 2013 at François André stadium.

Highlights of the event:

CSIO 5* - Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines, Friday, May 17th at 2.05pm

The Longines Jumping international de La Baule 2013 will launch the brand new "Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup", named after its sponsor: the Saudi Equestrian Fund. The eight former FEI Top League events have now become Europe Division 1 qualifying legs for the 2 million euros Intercontinental Final organized at the end of September. This year, 8 teams of 4 riders will be competing at La Baule (List of nations soon to be published)

CSIO 5* - Derby Meeting of Pays de la Loire, Saturday, May 18th at 1.30pm

First of three Derby Meetings (with Hickstead and Hamburg) still held in the world, this spectacular event won in 2012 by Irishman Denis Lynch and Night Train will surely create a fair share of emotions and surprises.

CSIO 5* - Grand Prix Longines of La Baule, Sunday, May 19th at 12.15pm

Last important event of these 4 days, the Grand Prix will be competed in two rounds with a jump-off. Only the top 50 couples will be participating in this breath taking competition promising thrills and excitement!


The show goes on with the amateurs and para-equestrian riders who will compete under the same conditions as the CSIO 5*! Amateurs will be participating in the 6 competitions of the Amateurs CSI while the international para-equestrian riders will take part in 2 special competitions (Friday 17th and Saturday 18th)

Free admission during the 4 days

Accreditation and information: www.labaule-cheval.com

Press contact:

Véronique GAUTHIER / Agence Consulis
Tél : +33 (0) 967 073 729 - Mob : +33 (0) 672 770 600
Email : veronique-gauthier@club-internet.fr

International télévisions contact :

Tél : +33 (0) 146 033 113 - Mob : +33 (0) 614 422 795
Email : bruno.oppenheim@wanadoo.fr