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Saturday 18 May 2013, by webmaster

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Furusiyya Fei Nations Cuptum Presented by LONGINES

Last year, the Dutch team had to settle the 2nd place after the jump-off against Belgium. This year, the Dutch climbed onto the highest step of the podium of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines. A victory achieved thanks to the experienced rider Albert Voorn (56 years old) and two talented boys : Hendrik-Jan, 23, and Frank Schuttert, 19.

The Dutch open this Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM presented by Longines. Albert and Tobalio performed very well with 1 time fault. Léon Thijsen and Tyson finished their first round with 1 fault and 5 faults in the second.

The Shuttert brothers are just beginning at this level. Hendrik-Jan and Cerona H S missed their first round
with 9 faults, and Frank and Winchester does a 5 fault round. In the second round, the two Dutch hopes set
it straight, with 2 clear rounds and a victory for their team.

Coming to earn qualifying points for the final, Switzerland came with a experienced team and had hopes of winning the first round, thanks to clear rounds of Janika Sprunger and Palloubet d’Halong and Pius Schwizer and Powerplay and the Olympic champion Steve Guerdat finishing with 1 time fault with Nasa.

But in the second round, Paul Estermann and Castlefield Eclipse added 5 faults, like Steve Guerdat and Nasa. Janika Sprunger and Palloubet d’Halong were clear and Pius Schwizer and Powerplay miss their second round with 9 faults. Switzerland takes 2nd place. On the 3rd step of the podium, 3 teams that came to earn points : France, Great Britain and Ireland.

On the French side, Pénélope Leprevost and Topinambour took 1 time fault in the first round and one mistake in the second. Marc Dilasser and Obiwan de Pilière*JO started with 2 mistakes and cleared the second round. Kevin Staut and Estoy Aqui de la Muze*HDC added 4 faults to the total.

For Great Britain, Nick Skelton and Big Star cleared both times. Ben Maher and Cella took 4 faults and finished with a clear round. Scoot Brash and Hello Sanctos finished at 4 and 8 faults, and Robert Smith and Voilà IV, 5 faults in each round.

The Irish team started with clears from Shane Sweetnam and Amaretto Darco and from Shane Breen and
Balloon. But finished with 8 and 4 faults in the second round. Shane Carey and Ballymore Eustace took two mistakes and then only 1 time fault. Billy Twomey and Tinka’s Sérénade went through their first round with 9 faults, and cleared the second round.

They said…

Albert Voorn (NED): "Winning at La Baule is a incredible feeling ! I train in France five months per year, so it has become my second home. Thank you to the audience for making me feel at home ! "

Hendrik-Jan Schuttert (NED): " It’s our first Nations Cup together (with his brother Frank, NDLR). It’s incredible to start here in La Baule and win! "

Frank Schuttert (NED): "I was much more aggressive in the second round and my horse was far more better "

Rob Ehrens (chef de piste of the Netherlands): " " To bad the points don’t count ! But it’s good, I was able to put young riders in the team. With our victory France earns less points which is better for us for the final ! "

Marc Dilasser (FRA): " After the first round, I tried to analyse what had happened. I think that I began with the wrong rhythm and my horse wasn’t there. I then I said to myself "If you want to be competing in other
Nations Cup, you better clear this round" I’m originally from Brittany and competing in this Cup when as a
kid I used to watched it from the grandstand, it’s something very strong! "

Philippe Guerdat (chef d’équipe of France): " We were a bit disappointed at first. We could’ve been 2nd. Nonetheless, we started better than last year (France settled in 8th place, NDLR) and we’re in a great state of mind. I’d like us to move forward together. I love working with this team ! "